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Direct Reduced Iron(DRI)



The PAS LCM series castables are the most appropriate refractories for all sorts of Iron-making kilns including Sponge Iron Rotary Kilns because PAS LCM series castables are Low Cement castables based on Mullite.

But what is it so that Mullite makes the PAS LCM series the most appropriate one?

It is a universally acclaimed and accepted truth that Mullite is the only suitable material for use in a reducing atmosphere. The reason is that Bauxite loses its refractoriness at just 900 degC under reducing atmosphere.
Mullite has a lath-like structure. This makes Mullite special on two counts:
a. Mullite has less thermal conductivity compared to the traditional Bauxite-Clay castables.
b. Because of the flexible and interlocking nature of the lath-like structure, Mullite offers a high resistance to spalling.
Reaction with the accretion : Any natural raw material like Bauxite / Calcined Clay has localized pockets of impurities : the most dangerous one being the Fe2O3. This Fe2O3 which is in a free state in natural raw materials, gets reduced and come out along with Sponge Iron / Pig Iron leaving pinholes inside the lining. These voids make room for the penetration of the highly viscous accretion at the elevated temperature. Once cooled down, this accretion forms a bond with the castable lining and at the time of accretion removal, it comes out by peeling off chunks of castable from the lining. On the other hand, the Fe2O3 present in Mullitic castables is evenly distributed and in a solid solution with the surroundings. So it is not in a free state and so it does not react with the accretion. Thus no question of any bond formation with the accretion. At the time of removal, accretion comes out without damaging the lining.
Mullite has Sufficient mechanical strength at elevated temperatures to bear and withstand the mechanical attack like load, wear, impact, abrasion inside the kiln.
Mullite has the lowest possible radiation loss. This helps in saving fuel and thus in saving money.
Volume for volume, Mullitic castables are lighter than castables for equivalent usage. So the total weight of the refractory is less and hence less load is imparted on the kiln structures.
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