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Rolling Mill

Since inception in the year 1990, Passary Minerals Ltd. has been continuously innovating to provide its customer with a product which gives a better life, less lead time, less application hassles and thus a better value for their investment, as our goal is customer satisfaction.

The major operational problems Rolling Mills always face are the following :

Formation of cavity on the soaking zone surface which bends the red hot billets causing following difficulties :

Resistance to free movement of billets inside the furnace. Due to this many a times billets climb on the previous ones due to excess pressure of the pusher.

This also disturbs the burner flame which increases the Furnace Oil consumption.
Increased scaling of billets resulting in an increase in Mill scale loss.
Disturbance to the injector while pushing out the ready billets for rolling.
Bent billets disturb during movement on the Mill Rollers and Conveyors.
Brings down the overall productivity of the Mill.

Once a cavity is formed, its depth increases very fast due to the above reasons and then, sooner than not it needs a repair or an altogether replacement. Repair or replacement involves:

Higher down time.
Higher fuel cost due to more frequent light-ups.
Lower campaign life.
Higher labour cost due to laying of refractories.
Brings down the overall productivity of the Mill.

Pre-cast Pre-cured Refractory Hearth Blocks have the solution to all these.

It provides:

Very high refractoriness due to the quality of raw materials used.
Very high mechanical strength because of the binders used and because of the right curing technology employed.
Very high abrasion resistance due to the use of abrasion-resistant refractories as raw materials.
Very high spalling resistance due to the unique combination of grains and matrix.
Lower laying time as these are pre-cast shapes.
As the shapes are pre-cured / pre-fired, no separate preheating required after installation and hence faster start-up.
And a very low rate of wear-out.

Sizes available :

We can make these blocks in any sizes as may be required by the customer from time to time. However some of our customers take the same in the following sizes :

540mm X 300mm X 200mm.
540mm X 300mm X 150mm.

PASMIN prefers Hexagonal Shapes. WHY ?

When steel billets slides over the hexagons, the load of the bar is distributed over multiple blocks and thus the damage caused is much less than square blocks.
In case of hexagons, billets never move parallel or perpendicular to the joints. They always move in an angle with the joints. This makes sure that the joint damage, again, is much less than in case of square blocks.